Petition to Repeal
the Healthcare Reform Bill

WHEREAS the health care bill recently passed

by the United States Congress and signed

into law by President Obama ignores the will of

the majority of Americans who vigorously oppose

government controlled national health care, and

WHEREAS this law includes an unprecedented

overreach of the federal government into the lives

of individuals and tramples on the Constitution, and

WHEREAS this law threatens the patient-physician

relationship and the highest standards

of medical care, and

WHEREAS this law mandates that

citizens either purchase health insurance or pay

a fine to the federal government for not doing so, and

WHEREAS this law significantly jeopardizes jobs,

our economy and our children's futures

by adding nearly one trillion dollars to the national

deficit and substantially increasing taxes

on families and businesses, and

WHEREAS in sum and total this law represents

an arrogant disregard for the personal

freedom of the people of the United States,


the undersigned citizens of the United States of America

support the repeal and replacement of this law with

responsible reforms to our nation's health care system.

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