Bingo Bash – the number 1 android bingo game

Bingo lovers do not have a dearth of mobile bingo games or android bingo apps to play their favorite game online. However, no other bingo on android game has as many fabulous reviews as Bingo Bash which is quickly emerging as the top android bingo apps to look out for.

According to reports there are more than 1.5 million android bingo players hooked to Bingo Bash. It is ranked among the top three bingo apps in iPad, top 10 in iPhone and Android and top 40 in Facebook !!! So why is this bingoapp so popular?

One of the major reasons for the rising popularity of the BingoBash is its versatility. The game is adaptable and playable on several different platforms such as Facebook, kindle, android, ipads, iphones and ipads. Which means it targets almost every mobile apps user in the world.

Not being restricted to a single platform, definitely accounts for its popularity. However that’s not all there is to it. This android bingo game is also powered up with several features that make the game one of the most exciting bingo games on mobile.

According to reviews, the game does not just include the rudimentary rules of bingo but also includes enough variations to make it different from other bingo apps. Some features include

  • Real time play and live multiplayer
  • New exciting powerups
  • Freebies galore and several other collections and gems to boot
  • Several different bingo rooms to play at
  • Chat option while playing with friends

With all these things going for it, it is no wonder that the game has quickly become the number 1 social bingo game in the world. So have you tried out this new android bingo app yet?  If not, it is time you downloaded the latest version of the new app in town. Psst, it’s got a new Valentines Special room.

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