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January 11, 2011A Not-So-Nice Reminder

This little blog post from Americans for Tax Reform is great milepost for the beginning of a new year. While it was technically posted in 2010, it serves as a reminder of the challenge ahead of us on health care. Think of it as a great “You Are Here” on the map for 2011.

According to the post, as of January 1, 2011, you can no longer use your Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or Flexible Spending Account (FSAs) money to pay for over-the-counter medications, with the exception of Insulin. That’s a long list of medicine you can no longer buy with that money. Everything from Aspirins to Antihistamines.

Is it the most egregious part of Washington’s Health Care Reform legislation? Not by a mile.
But it’s a reminder of the depth of the law. It’s a reminder of how intrusive, detailed and far reaching it is. It’s a reminder that for years to come provisions like this will pop up and affect our finances and our health.

Unless we work to repeal and replace it.

Thanks to Americans for Tax Reform for the heads-up and the motivation.

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