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Take Action
Revere America is a coalition of over one million concerned Americans. We’re making a difference, but we need you. We are asking for you to join hands and voices with us, as we strive for a better health care system and a better America.

Here’s what YOU can do:

  • Sign Our PetitionRead and sign our petition to repeal the health care reform law. Over one million people have already made their views known and by adding your name to the list, you are adding your voice and strength to that of your fellow Americans in hopes of improving our nation.

  • DonateHelp us ensure that we have the resources to maximize the impact of our message. In the past your generous donations allowed us to:
    • Make a difference in the election by producing and airing TV ads that held politicians who supported the disastrous health care bill accountable.
    • Make a difference on the web by expanding and encouraging our community on Facebook.
    • Speaking truth to power in Washington, DC every day.
    • With your help, Revere America will not only continue our work, but grow and evolve into an ever more powerful center-right movement

  • Contact Your Congressmen – Your elected Representatives are working for you, and you have the right to voice your concerns. So email your Senators and Congressman right now using our free service. Or reach out to Congress via phone or the web and encourage them to join you in the fight to repeal and replace Washington’s massive health care takeover.

  • Connect with Us – Every day, our online community works to make our country the best it can be. Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We rely on you to drive our movement and help it reach its full potential.