Revere America
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What We Support
The goal of Revere America is to support an America governed by a center-right philosophy. An America that lives within its means, balances its budgets, and takes steps to reduce its debt. We work to create a government that is representative of the American people, not indicative of which special interests currently have the most influence or who has given the largest campaign donations.

We believe America’s health care system should be transformed, but in ways that preserve incentives for hard work, innovation, freedom of choice, and the doctor-patient relationship. Cost controls should reside with the patient and doctor, not with a federal agency.

Our country’s medical liability system should be reformed, so that it fairly compensates those injured by negligence while promoting patient safety and medical innovation.

Americans should be proud of our government programs that provide a safety net for the disadvantaged. But, these government programs should be the last resort, not our first response to any crisis.

Revere America fights to protect the American ideals reflected in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution from the ideologues who believe they know what is best for Americans and American families.