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December 17, 2010Judge Hints He May Rule Against Health Law

The Attorney General of Florida, Bill McCollum, has an article in the Washington Post that does a nice job of addressing the Constitutional concerns around Washington’s health care reform law.

As you probably know, the health care law is being challenged in a Florida court with 20 states signing on to the suit.  The challenge is similar to the recent Virginia case in which a judge ruled the individual mandate unconstitutional, but the Florida case goes further by also challenging the broad expansion of the Medicaid program.  Whatever the outcome in Florida, this case also has a good chance of going to the Supreme Court.

McCollum’s article is an interesting tutorial on the Constitution and Congress’ power to regulate interstate commerce. 

But more important than that, it’s encouraging to know that 20 different states are using our system of checks and balances to repeal and replace this over-reaching law.

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