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News ImageDecember 09, 2010Merging the Web and the Real World

If you haven’t seen an image like this one before, don’t worry.  Your browser isn’t crashing again.  And don’t strain your eyes – there’s no hidden 3D picture in it either.

It’s called a Quick Reference (QR) code, and it’s a cool way to merge the web and the real world. 

If you have a smartphone, your phone can see QR codes and immediately takes you to a website.  If you start looking around, you’ll notice QR codes everywhere – in advertisements, on the products you buy and even in stores.

Save this particular QR code because it links directly to our petition to repeal and replace health care reform.  It’s a great way to share the petition with friends.  Or print off a few copies and stick them around to help us grow our petition.

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