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December 20, 2010One Truth is Clear

As part of their end of the year wrap-up, declared the phrase “government takeover of health care” their “biggest lie of the year.”  If you’ve taken your blood-pressure medicine, the post is worth a read – its ability to find conspiracies and ignore public opinion makes it a shoo-in for the paranoia hall of fame.

Oftentimes, it’s best to ignore claims such as this on the web.  They’re written to generate hits and add nothing to the substantial policy debate.  The more attention you given to it, the more credence it gets.

However, the gang at have done a noble job in dismantling PoltiFact’s claims one-by-one.  The mischaracterizations are too numerous to list here, but according to HotAir, Politifact uses strawmen, misinterprets the massive expansion of Medicare and cites people with political agendas as “experts.”

No matter how the law is characterized, one truth is clear.  It needs to be replaced. 

Thankfully the ultimate outcome of this law will not be decided on the web, but in our courts and in our Congress.

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