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April 14, 2011Repeal and Replace Must-Reads: April 14, 2011

Democrats form political committees to defend, promote health care overhaul
The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Democrats looking to defend President Barack Obama’s massive health care overhaul are announcing an effort to highlight what they say are the benefits of the law and to lobby Congress to defend it.

Health Care Law Gets Day in Court
By Joan Biskupic

WASHINGTON — Legal challenges to the sweeping federal health care overhaul backed by the Obama administration are heading toward the Supreme Court, where the justices who would decide the law’s fate could have as much at stake as the parties battling over it.

House kills another part of health law
The Hill
By Pete Kasperowicz

The House on Wednesday voted to terminate another piece of last year's healthcare law — the Prevention and Public Health Fund, which is currently scheduled to receive nearly $18 billion over the next few years. The House vote came just moments after the White House said President Obama would veto the bill if it were presented for his signature.

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RA_Fan at April 18, 2011 08:54 AM
Thanks for the must reads. Very helpful.
Linda Hunt at April 14, 2011 10:18 AM
For heaven sakes, the states cannot deal with the medicaid cost that this would impose. This monstrosity is going to bankrupt this country. Keep on working to prevent all the effects that you can until the 2012 election when you can elect a president with some common sense.