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October 20, 2010Revere America Targets NY-23 in New Ad
Television Ad Continues Gov. Pataki’s “Pledge to Win” Campaign

Washington, DC - Governor George Pataki, Chairman of Revere America, today announced the launch of the latest in a series of ads targeted at Members of Congress who voted for the government-run healthcare bill that will lead to higher healthcare costs, rationed care and harm to the patient-doctor relationship.  The new ad targets Representative Bill Owens (D-NY) in New York’s 23rd Congressional District and will begin to run today through Election Day.
“Those who voted for the bloated healthcare bill will now feel the heat for supporting a bill the American people didn’t want,” said Gov. Pataki.  “We will take this ad straight to the districts of those who support this destructive bill.”

Following is the script for the 30 second ad.  Video of the ad is available here:

Congressman Hall voted for Obama care--government run health care.

It’s a bad plan.

Government bureaucrats will benefit. Seniors will get hurt. Costs will go up. Care will go down.

Longer waits in doctors’ offices.  Your right to keep your own doctor may be taken away.

It’s a plan we didn’t want and don’t need, but Hall voted for it anyway.

Defeat Congressman Owens.

Revere America is responsible for the content of this advertising

The “Pledge to Win” campaign will include television ads in targeted districts, campaign activities in those districts and an aggressive effort calling on every incumbent Member of Congress and every candidate for Congress to pledge to repeal and replace the healthcare reform bill.
Chaired by Governor George Pataki, Revere America is a 501 (c)(4) organization dedicated to advancing common sense public policies rooted in our traditions of freedom and free markets that will once again make America secure and prosperous for generations to come.

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