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November 29, 2010The Repeal and Replace Mandate

There isn’t much doubt that health care played a major role in the mid-term elections.  But just how major of a role?

A look at some of the exit polling data provides some compelling answers.
According to the CNN exit poll, nearly one in five of voters (a full 18%) felt health care was the most important issue facing the country

Furthermore, 86% of people who voted for the Republican candidate felt that Congress should repeal the new health care law. (See all of CNN’s exit polling data here)

The Rasmussen Polling Report weighed in on the issue as well.  They looked at it this way:

“Fifty-nine percent (59%) of those who voted in today’s elections nationwide favor repeal of the national health care bill passed by congressional Democrats in March, including 48% who Strongly Favor it.”

While not an exit poll, this recent poll by Politico highlighted a disconnect between Washington elites and the general public when it came to prioritizing health care. 

The poll found that 29% of the general public felt repealing health care reform was a top priority.  Interestingly, repealing health care was second only to reducing the deficit. 

Alarmingly, “Washington Elites” in the poll were not even half as motivated.  Only 13% of those respondents felt that repealing health care was a top priority.

These data points combine to paint a clear picture.  Voters in this election not only want the repeal of health care, they want it quickly.  Washington has received its mandate.  We’ll watch to see if they listen.

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