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News ImageJuly 21, 2010Grassroots Tour Led by Three Generation “Y” Brothers from Orlando to Take Revere America Through 13 States and Washington, D.C. Through Mid-August

The Revere Rides Again tour, featuring “The Young Reveres” — four brothers from Orlando, Florida – has already hit the road in a Revere America wrapped Ford Mustang Convertible. As “The Young Reveres” travel across the East Coast and Midwest, their video interviews, blog postings and photos will be available online at here at

The Young Reveres” are the four Wideman brothers from the Orlando, Florida area — Matt (22), who is expected to graduate from the University of Florida in December with degrees in both Business Administration and Hospitality Management; Chris (20), a junior at Fordham University in New York where he is studying for a double major in Anthropology and International Political Economy; Nick (19) who recently graduated from The Crenshaw School as a salutatorian, and Eddie, a senior in high school who will be joining the tour in a few weeks.

Together, the brothers accompanied by a friend and an older stepbrother, are expected to cover over 4,000 miles stopping at a wide variety of venues as they help enlist the public’s energy in the critical effort to repeal and replace the health care reform bill.

The Revere Rides Again tour is expected to visit New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Washington, D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida over the next four weeks.

Matt Wideman:
“As someone who will soon be out of college and in the workforce, I’m frightened about what is happening to our country. It’s plain to many people my age that because of the health care reform bill and Washington’s disconnect from the rest of the country, the hopes and dreams that our parents have for us are in big trouble.  Through the Revere Rides Again Tour my brothers and I are hopeful that we can help make a difference, and that our friends and peers are also inspired to get involved and do the same.”

Last week, the brothers visited Sansdown, New Hampshire, Portland, Maine and Revere Beach, Massachussets.   This week, the Revere Rides Again begins in Boston and continues to New York.  Additional tour stops will be announced as the tour progresses.
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