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August 03, 2010 — I love Philadelphia and its history. It’s home to Independence Hall, the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. Those two articles are the most important documents in the history of our nation, in my opinion. It seemed fitting that we conducted interviews from people against the healthcare bill as well as signatures on our repeal and replace the health care reform bill petition, which helps defend the same principles they stand for. The most intriguing one I had was with a couple from Michigan. The husband was a technologies professor who liked some of the ideas the health care reform bill has in it. He explained that something needed to be done, but he was worried about the socialist direction the country was headed. By the end, he resigned to the fact that unless we had large-scale, active opposition to the bill to be amended, it could easily jeopardize our country’s future. He wished we could have a true middle come about to help prevent the divisive polarization that dominates politics in our nation today. - Chris
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