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July 15, 2010 — Today we went to Portland, a really cool artsy city. Being our first time taking to the streets to find interviews, we were all a little new to it. Within minutes, we had our first interview and from there it just got easier. We ran into a wide range of people, some happy that the government tried to help reform our current system, but most being very disappointed in how it won’t help or angry out of confusion over the bill itself. We interviewed a kind elderly lady, Barbara, who came from generations of doctors. She was furious and told us her 16 year old grandson no longer wanted to be a doctor once the health care bill was passed. Talking to random strangers and getting their variety of opinions really makes this hit home for me. I know why I don’t like it and why I’m spending my summer doing this, but having more and more people tell me why they’re scared and feel powerless to what our government is doing makes me feel even more passionately about the difference we’re trying to make. - Chris
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