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July 18, 2010 — Today we decided to go around Boston Commons for interviews. It’s nothing like Central Park, but definitely a great alternative for some relaxation from busy city life. Nick and I came across two students who just graduated college in the United Kingdom. They were doing a road trip across the US and one of them loved the health care system in the UK. We thought we’d be crazy not to interview them. As we went on with the interview, it became clear that idealistically the system was great, but the reality of the cost and inefficiencies of a government-run health care system were beginning to bear down on their entire country. Everyone wants to make sure that even the most unfortunate can be given a hand up but then it becomes difficult to keep others from turning it into a handout. We took a break by going to the tourist information center to find the nearest Paul Revere Statue. One of the guys asked about our t-shirts and we briefly explained what we were doing and didn’t think they were very receptive to our initiative. Seconds after walking out of the building, we saw him sprinting behind us to ask more about it. Jeremy, this younger Irish guy who conjured the image of a Bostonian to me, was thrilled about Revere America and its initiative to bring about a less radicalized version of the political spectrum. He said he loved old school Republicans that were financially conservative. We gave him a good chunk of petitions that he was more than happy to spread to his friends. Although I am just as guilty as anyone else, I wish there were more people that were active about following the direction of our country rather than the local sports team. Our future is in jeopardy and it’s unfortunate that many in our country feel powerless to do anything to bring about change. - Chris
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