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July 26, 2010 — 7/26 by Matt Wideman Mileage 2,009 We were able to sleep in this morning and got some much needed rest. The drive to Goshen, Indiana was probably the most pleasant drive we’ve had thus far on our Revere Rides Again tour — with open roads and lots of corn fields. Although we weren’t planning to attend the Elkhart County Fair until tomorrow, we couldn’t help ourselves from going to check it out after dinner. When we arrived the stands were filled to a sold-out crowd, l to see Lady Antebellum. Since there wasn’t even a place to stand and watch the performance, we walked through the event and understood why it’s the second largest county fair in the nation. One booth we are particularly excited about is the local radio station, Froggy 102.7, which invited us to come back tomorrow for a possible live interview about our tour for Revere America At the Republican booth, we asked what topics people in their county are most concerned with. They explained 80 percent of voters express the healthcare bill as their main concern and feel repeal of government-controlled health care is going to be the deciding issue in November’s general elections. It’s of particular importance to people in the area, because there’s a leading cancer research center that will be drastically affected by this legislation. At the Democrats’ booth, we asked the same question. Being a Blue county for the last 30 years, they said voters will want to keep their representatives who have been in office, in office. When I asked about the healthcare bill and why they felt this was going to benefit our nation the gentleman couldn’t give me anything more than “because everyone will have healthcare.” I explained a few reasons why I thought it would be detrimental to our country. They were not informed on the topic and I think they realized that after a few minutes of discussing the issue. I think it was a great idea to make Goshen a stop and look forward to seeing what’s to come tomorrow!
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