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July 27, 2010 — We spent most of the day at the Elkhart County Fair in Goshen, Indiana. Being the second largest county fair in the country, it had everything from carnival rides to goats to funnel cakes! We met with a reporter for the Goshen newspaper. We told him about Revere America and why we were riding around the country to repeal and replace the health care reform bill. We meandered around the fair gathering signatures and getting interviews for several hours. For some reason, people were simply more camera shy and we wound up with only a few interviews, even though everyone we talked to was passionate about repealing the bill. Two national guard recruits were furious about the bill and what it sought to do to veterans. They were disgusted that they would serve our country only to come back and have what was promised to them be taken away. I feel it’s totally disrespectful to do this to the men and women who have so selflessly served our country. Later that night we found a candidate forum for the Indiana secretary of state, auditor, and treasurer which we’d figured would have people who are informed about the issue. After hearing the candidates speak, we took advantage of an open microphone to tell them about Revere America and our mission. Within seconds of talking, the crowd of over one hundred people gave us a standing ovation. It was one of those moments I will never forget. Not only was everyone supportive about repealing and replacing government run health care, but they asked for hundreds of petitions to give to their friends.

Everyone there seemed grateful that kids our age are passionate enough about protecting their future, enough to get out and do something about it.

- Chris
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