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Video Contest

“What Do You Love About America?”

Video Contest Ends; Winners Announced

This spring, challenged Americans to make and submit a 60-secondvideo online and let us know what they love about this country.  The winner and five runner-ups would receive cash prizes.

While did not receive the requisite number of entries called for in the contest rules for the voting process to go forward, those submitted were truly inspirational, patriotic, and heartwarming. The quality, diversity, and passion of the entries were universal.  To that end, the Video Contest Committee at has decided to make a cash award to everyone who entered the contest.  There were, however, six entries that stood out from the rest because of their creativity, production quality, and compelling messages. 

The winners of’s “What Do You Love About America?” video contest – in alphabetical order – are:

Bailey, Kali: “Life, Liberty and Clean Water”

Bakst, Dan: “The Musician”

Bonstetter, Tyler: “I Love America”

Kline, Alex: “Pick-Up Truck Guys”

Lewis, Eric: “A Country That Works”

Schuetz, Devin: “Following Our Dreams”

Each of these six winners will receive $1,000, and each winner’s video will be posted on our website.  We hope visitors to agree that these winners demonstrate the best of America, our hopes, our dreams, and our values as a nation.  Others who submitted videos will receive a cash gift card for $100.  Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who took the time to let us know what you love about America!!

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