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April 18, 2011All Political Roads Run Through Health Care Reform

Recently, the push to repeal Washington’s massive health care reform law found itself in a surprising place – at the center of negotiations to keep the government operating.

But, if you look around you’ll see that repeal of this financial albatross has become the pivot point for every political issue.

For instance, Rep. John Culberson wants to see a full repeal of the health care reform law tied to an increase of the debt ceiling – possibly the next massive piece of legislation to be taken up.

And in a speech about fiscal responsibility President Obama claimed his “approach lowers the government’s health care bills” and promised to “build on these reforms.” (Go ahead and read that again if you need to.)

But, if you step back from these brushstrokes of partisanship, a bigger picture emerges.  Tacitly, Republicans and Democrats agree that the size of Washington’s health care reform law has made it the centerpiece of our fiscal future.  For it or against it, no conversation on America’s finance can be had without addressing this law.

The truth is that Washington’s health care law will cost our country trillions.  And without repealing and replacing it, we can never hope to truly get our fiscal house in order.

Every moment Washington fails to realize that fact is a moment we could have spent bettering our children’s future.

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