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Our Future At Risk
Why Our Future is at Risk

Washington has rolled out one policy after another that chip away at our precious freedoms and threaten to alter the very essence of America.

15 million Americans have lost their jobs and the almost 10% unemployment rate shows little sign of slowing down.

Soaring national debt and expanding annual federal deficits is positioning our poor economy to face further hazard.

Now, more than ever, we require responsible action to generate jobs, reduce the deficit and ensure a prosperous America.

Unfortunately, our current government-controlled health care significantly jeopardizes our economy, jobs and our children’s future by spending one trillion dollars and adding $600 billion in new taxes on families and businesses.

Our health care system exemplifies an overreach of the federal government into the lives of individuals and encroaches on certain Constitutional rights, as evidenced by the 19 states filing suit against the system.