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Missouri Takes Big Step Against the Health Care Law
Missouri Takes Big Step Against the Health Care Law

In an overwhelming victory on August 3rd, Missouri voters rejected a major component of the current administration’s new health care law.

Missouri primary voters cast more than 70 percent of the ballots in favor of Proposition C.

According to a CNN article,

The measure would allow state residents to opt out of mandatory health insurance, a key part of the new health care reform law, which was pushed by President Obama and Congressional Democrats. The proposition prohibits the federal government from requiring people to have health insurance or penalizing them for not having such insurance.

The passing of Prop. C in a very important swing state represents a monumental blow to a vital component of the health care law. Here at Revere America, we strongly oppose the incredible overreach demonstrated by the federal government and stand behind Missouri in this crystal clear message sent to the administration.

Not only did Missourians show Washington how out-of-touch they are with the American people, but they also showed Americans that we don’t have to just sit back and let this robbery of freedom happen to us. We do have a voice.

According to the CNN article,

More Republicans than Democrats appear to have voted in Tuesday’s primary. According to unofficial results compiled by the Associated Press, 577,612 ballots were cast in the GOP Senate primary, compared to 315,787 cast in the Democratic Senate primary. On Proposition C, 938,782 people voted, with 71 percent in favor of the measure and 29 percent opposed.

This vote is a solid progression in our attempt to change this encroaching health care law and replace it with the freedom this country was built on.